Sample Benchmark Reports

Each NSSE institution that participated in 2004 received a customized Benchmark Report with their Annual Report.  The Benchmark Report presents each institution's benchmark scores and compares them to schools in their Carnegie Classification and the NSSE national norms. In addition, it provides summary statistics, a decile chart that gauges an institution's performance compared with other schools, and an Institutional Engagement Index. This index represents the degree to which students at the institution do more or less than expected in terms of their engagement in the five areas of effective educational practice after adjusting for the types of students that attend the school and various institutional characteristics.  Click the link below to download a sample NSSE Benchmark Report:

Download Sample Benchmark Report

In 2004, changes were made in the process for calculating NSSE Benchmarks of Effective Educational Practice scores. The changes are a result of our continuing efforts to provide institutions with the best information possible.  While individual institutions now have more options to reconstruct NSSE benchmark scores for their own purposes, the changes in the benchmark calculation procedures require that benchmarks from previous years also be recalculated in order to accurately interpret changes in institutional performance over the years. To permit users to compare benchmark scores from two or more years using the same metric, NSSE created the Benchmark Recalculation Report for institutions that participated in 2004 and at least one year prior to 2004.  Click the link below to download a sample Benchmark Recalculation Report:

Download Sample Benchmark Recalculation Report