National Survey of Student Engagement
2005 Annual Report

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To focus discussions about the importance of student engagement and guide institutional improvement efforts, NSSE created five clusters or benchmarks of effective educational practice:

  1. Level of academic challenge
  2. Active and collaborative learning
  3. Student-faculty interaction
  4. Enriching educational experiences
  5. Supportive campus environment.

Using approximately 225,000 randomly selected students from 518 institutions that participated in NSSE 2005, this Benchmark Report compares the performance of your institution with its selected peer group, Carnegie group, and the 2005 national norms. In addition, page 8 provides two other comparisons between your school and above-average institutions with benchmarks in the top 50% nationally and high-performing institutions with benchmarks in the top 10% nationally. These displays allow you to determine if the engagement of your typical student differs in a statistically significant, meaningful way from the average student in these comparison groups.

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