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Survey Population & Administration Details

Survey Population: Participating institutions determine the student population to be surveyed; it should be students who have participated or are currently participating in HIPs. All undergraduate class years are eligible. Survey population examples: All students who participated in a redesigned first-year seminar; all students in service-learning courses; or (if you have limited ability to identify HIP participants) all juniors and seniors – who can choose the HIP to report on.

Survey Administration: The HIP Quality survey is administered via Qualtrics and conducted independent of a NSSE administration. The preferred administration approach is managed by our office, in which participating institutions provide a population file. We recruit students via a fixed schedule of email invitations and reminders, offer a modest incentive, and provide a data file and summary report of results, and an aggregate report by HIP and student characteristics to inform efforts to enrich HIP offerings.

An alternative survey administration that is not reliant on a population file is possible, but not ideal. This may suffice if you are interested in inviting a small, targeted group of students (for example, first-year students in learning communities) and have an established means of contact via a class email distribution list or course management system. This option requires more institutional effort to ensure a successful administration that conforms with IRB protocols and it will not be possible to identify respondents.

Survey Administration Schedule: Between September - December, 2019. Surveys are in the field from 4-6 weeks to allow for maximum promotion.