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Your Student Comments Report and Data File

NSSE provides a Student Comments report (Excel) and a separate data file (SPSS) of all responses exactly as the students entered them (which may not be suitable for distributon without prior review). Responses are provided for up to three open-ended questions. Two such questions appear in Topical Modules (Civic Engagement; First-Year Experiences and Senior Transitons) and the third appears at the end of the survey after any module or consortum questions.

The report contains separate tabs for each source, as appropriate. Each tab contains the wording of the corresponding queston. End-of-survey comments are provided in separate tabs for first-year and senior students. Module comments are sorted by class, enrollment status, and sex; End-of-survey comments are split by class and sorted by overall satsfacton, enrollment status, and sex. Informaton for these variables (except satsfacton) was provided by your insttuton. The report also charts the overall satsfacton of your students, comparing those who let a comment with those who let no comment (Figure 1).

The data file includes the same informaton plus the student survey identfiers. For this reason, we urge discreton when using, storing, and disseminatng the report and data file.

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