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Institutions Using NSSE
for Accreditation

Centenary College of Louisiana
The process of developing its Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) in support of reaffirmation by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), offered Centenary the opportunity to further increase its emphasis on experience-based curriculum, particularly in a global framework. The QEP is titled “C4: A Quality Enhancement Plan of Experiential Learning,” where the four C’s are “Centenary, Career, Culture, and Community.”

Norfolk State University
Meeting AACSB standards in the School of Business at Norfolk State is a faculty-driven process. Feedback from students and campus stakeholders on the efficacy of the curricula as well as its delivery is collected to inform a comprehensive and multi-faceted process to assess course learning outcomes. The process has six objectives. NSSE results are used to support Objective #3, which aims to “understand the factors that help students learn more effectively and to succeed in school and at the workplace.”

Comments about the
Accreditation Toolkits

I liked the idea of the Accreditation Toolkit in which NSSE questions are linked to the Middle States standards. I plan to develop this theme on my campus and involve NSSE data in accreditation reports.

I liked the presentation about the NCA accreditation visit because it gave me a real example of what the school needed to work on, and how it used NSSE data to improve. When we are up for accreditation in the next couple of years, I can use NSSE data to look at those same areas and see how our campus is going, and what, if anything, needs to change.