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NSSE Response Rate FAQ

What is a "good" response rate? Does a low rate automatically jeopardize data quality? This FAQ sheet helps users respond to such questions and to facilitate a broader conversation about assessing survey data quality. It highlights recent NSSE research demonstrating the reliability of survey estimates once a minimum number of respondents is reached.

Promotional Examples

To help you develop your own NSSE promotional materials for your campus, we have assembled examples of how colleges and universities have promoted the NSSE survey on campus. These examples include YouTube videos, flyers, posters, billboards, yard signs, painted buses, Facebook and Web postings, computer wallpaper, and more. Here are a few examples...

University of Toledo YouTube Video

Colorado State University billboard and poster

Indiana University Bloomington Bus Wrap

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Survey Incentive FAQ


Anderson University

Boston University

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

York University