Considering Participating in Both BCSSE and NSSE?

Institutions participating in both BCSSE and NSSE in the same academic year receive a BCSSE– NSSE Combined Report and a combined BCSSE–NSSE data file with their NSSE Institutional Report. In addition, the $300 NSSE registration fee will be waived for those institutions that participated in BCSSE the previous summer/fall.

Other Fees

Supplemental Fees

BCSSE may charge a fee to recover additional expenses such institutional reporting requirements that are unique to an institution or group of institutions, non-standard institutional reports or data files, or other requests that create additional unique administrative costs to BCSSE. Contact your Project Service team for additional details.

Withdrawal Fees

BCSSE incurs survey administration costs on behalf of institutions well before actual administration of BCSSE surveys. Accordingly, all institutions that withdraw from BCSSE will be billed the nonrefundable $300 Registration Fee. Additional cancellation fees for late withdrawals may apply. See the BCSSE Participating Agreement for more details regarding refund policy.


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