Accessibility & Mobile Optimization

Access for Visually or Hearing Impaired Students

Indiana University’s Center for Survey Research (CSR), NSSE’s partner for survey implementation, strives to meet the standards of WCAG 1, WCAG 2, and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Along with testing, CSR takes the survey using JAWS, one of the most used screen-reading assistive tools. In addition, NSSE staff are available Monday-Friday by phone to receive relay calls for hearing impaired students.

CSR scans the survey for accessibility issues using a variety of tools:

Note about mobile optimization

The BCSSE web survey is designed to detect the type of device being used (mobile, desktop, etc) and provide the optimal version. The survey utilizes auto-advance technology. After the respondent indicates an answer, the survey automatically advances to the next question. No need for scrolling.

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