Summary Tables

Linked below are basic tables of NSSE survey items, Engagement Indicators, High-Impact Practices, and topical modules for U.S. institutions with standard administrations. These results are updated annually and broken down by student and institutional characteristics. We also provide summary characteristics of participating colleges and universities. Participating institutions can use these tables for additional comparison group information, and other interested parties can search for aggregate-level results without having institution-specific data available. As always, results are displayed separately for first-year students (FY) and seniors (SR). Results from previous administration years are archived.

For additional information about the characteristics of participating institutions and students, representativeness among all institutions and students, and average response rates, see the NSSE Overview.

Interested in more specific information? The NSSE Report Builder is an interactive tool to select and view results which are drawn from secure NSSE data, and based on the particular student and school characteristics of your choosing.

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