Data and Results Guides

Click the links below for resources that can help institutions make good use of their NSSE results:

Accreditation Toolkits

Learn how to use NSSE results in your institution’s regional and professional accreditation efforts.

Tips for More Inclusive Data Sharing and Analysis

This guide offers an approach to data sharing and analysis that embraces diversity and promotes inclusion, whether in preparing reports for internal stakeholders or conducting research to share externally.

NSSE Item Campuswide Mapping

Find connections between NSSE results and the interests of campus units as well as ways to facilitate data sharing, campuswide involvement, and action on NSSE results.

NSSE Data User’s Guide with Worksheets (Redesigned with NSSE 2013)

Learn strategies and download worksheets with activities to engage campus audiences and facilitate NSSE data uses for accountability, assessment, and improvement.

Presenting NSSE Results on Campus: Facilitators Guide (For NSSE 2000–2012)

Use a step-by-step manual for institutional leaders who facilitate campus workshops or discussions on understanding, interpreting, and taking action on NSSE data.

Sharing and Disseminating NSSE Results

View examples and advice from the collective experience of participating NSSE schools.

NSSE Degree Qualifications Profile Toolkit

Examine your NSSE results mapped to the Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP), a proficiency outcomes framework for all college graduates created by the Lumina Foundation for Education.

Cognitive Interviews and Focus Groups

View step-by-step guidelines for conducting cognitive interviews and focus groups that contextualize and illuminate NSSE results.

Customizing Your Institutional Report: Selecting Comparison Groups

Read factors to consider when choosing comparison groups for your Institutional Report.

Effective Educational Practice Documented

Explore what NSSE’s Project DEEP learned about college and university practices that promote student engagement and success.

Contextualizing NSSE Effect Sizes

View guidelines for analysis and proposed reference values for interpreting NSSE benchmark comparison effect sizes.

Multi-Year Data Analysis Guide (For NSSE 2000–2012)

See recommendations and aids for working with data from multiple survey administrations in common multi-year analysis tasks:

1) Tracking year-to-year variable changes 

2) Merging institutional data from multiple survey administrations 

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