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Reporting update for 2021!

BCSSE transitioned to a new dashboard environment that provides online reporting, including all institutional and student advising reports. The reports are live, allowing you to filter and download specific reports.

Check out the demonstration portal for more details or watch the recent recorded webinar, "Learn More About BCSSE 2021 and New Dashboards"

BCSSE Institutional Reports

All BCSSE reports will be available through the BCSSE Portal. Multiple dashboards contain your institutional summary results. Also, new in 2021 BCSSE insitutions can now filter their resyutls by studnet type. In addition, insititons can also compare their results to other insitutions. Log-in to the BCSSE demonstration portal for a live demonstration.

BCSSE report


BCSSE-NSSE Institutional Report and Data

Institutions participating in both BCSSE and NSSE in the same academic year receive a BCSSE–NSSE Combined Report and a merged BCSSE–NSSE data file with their NSSE Institutional Report.  The BCSSE-NSSE Combined Report includes supporting resources sent to participating colleges and universities. With extensive use of color and graphics, the reports are designed to be shared widely.

These combined results provide a comprehensive portrait of the first-year experience, enabling institutions to compare expectations with actual engagement and to analyze differences among diverse student populations.

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