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48% of seniors participated in an internship

Did You Know?

27 NSSE consortia have been created to administer separate, additional question sets

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About 1,700 four-year colleges and universities have participated in our surveys of students and faculty. Is your institution one of them? 

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Practical Ideas for Using NSSE Data

Read about how 23 institutions used their NSSE results in Lessons from the Field–Volume 4: Digging Deeper to Focus and Extend Data Use.

Lessons From The Field: Volume 4

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NSSE Sightings keeps you up-to-date on our initiatives. Good engagement research should not be hard to find!

Using data from NSSE's core survey and the Learning with Technology and Experiences with Information Literacy Topical Modules, Carlow mapped the results in a single crosswalk chart that clearly delineates connections between data and actions for improvement.

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