Celebrating NSSE’s 20th! We're just getting started.

We are thrilled to commemorate twenty years of NSSE! Since 2000, institutions of all types—from research universities to baccalaureate colleges—have adopted NSSE as an important component of their assessment programs. NSSE has helped focus the national discourse about college quality on teaching and learning and has provided diagnostic, actionable data to inform the improvement of undergraduate education.

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74% of first-generation students worked 8 or more hours per week

Winthrop University integrated the Discussions with Diverse Others Engagement Indicator into its strategic plan and, using its NSSE 2014 results as a baseline, established a target for 2024. Given its NSSE participation pattern, the university will be able to track progress toward this goal every two years and determine needs for further interventions to ensure success.

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Our research blog, NSSE Sightings, will keep you up-to-date on our initiatives.

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