Locating Your Data & Results


Qualtrics Platform Data & Results

The benefits of accessing your FSSE Qualtrics portal are the availability of administrative information, data, and results as soon as your administation launches. Raw data can be downloaded at any point during your administration by pulling down 'Export,' clicking 'Download Dashboard,' choosing CSV as the 'File Type,' and clicking 'Export.' Administration information as well as item-level results are available to view and download during and after your administration. Grouped by content area, you can see administration and results from individual items on the left-side tabs of your Qualtrics dashboard. These results are filterable by faculty characteristics and can be downloaded as PDFs.

Admin info, results, and data download on the FSSE Qualtrics platform

NSSE Interface Data & Results

Additional data and results are available on the NSSE Interface, where historical data and reports for FSSE are stored. FSSE staff create a cleaned SPSS data file that includes additional scales, recodes, and labels for variables and values that can be downloaded from the NSSE Interface by navigating to your 'Data & Reports' table and downloading the 'Data' zip file. FSSE staff recreated traditional FSSE reports (SnapshotFrequenciesRespondent ProfileTopical Modules, etc.) as interactive Tableau dashboards. Navigate to your 'Data & Reports' table and click 'FSSE Tableau Dashboards' under the 'Online Reports.' One final static report, the NSSE-FSSE Combined report, can be found by downloading the "Reports" zip folder. 

SPSS data download, FSSE-NSSE Combined report, Tableau report dashboards


NSSE Interface

All data and reports prior to 2022 are archived on the NSSE Interface! If you have any questions regarding accessing historic FSSE data and reports, please contact the FSSE team at fsse@indiana.edu.

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