Annual Results 2022

Engagement Insights: Survey Findings on the Quality of Undergraduate Education

Headshots of NSSE co-directors Jillian Kinzie and Cindy Ann Kilgo

A Message From the Interim Co-Directors

We are excited to continue our brief tenure as Interim Co-Directors of NSSE!

Jillian Kinzie, Ph.D., and Cindy Ann Kilgo, Ph.D.

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Welcome to the 2022 edition of Engagement Insights, NSSE’s annual dissemination of selected research findings and institutional stories that have broad relevance to the improvement of undergraduate education.

In the winter months of 2023, this page will present three data-informed treatments of important topics for higher education with special value for institutions that participated in NSSE, FSSE, and BCSSE in 2022. In addition to new findings, we feature related webinars, examples of institutional use, suggestions for institutional assessment, faculty insights, and more.

Hot Topics in Higher Education: Mental Well-Being, Affordability, and Transferable Skills

This final story addresses trending issues for colleges and universities. We explore results from a 2022 experimental set on mental wellness, BCSSE data from regarding perceptions of cost and affordability, and how data from the Development of Transferable Skills Topical Module illustrate areas of skill development and their connections to student engagement.


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Did You Know?

67%of seniors and 63% of first-year students felt their family was a substantial source of mental health support.  

32%of beginning college students expect a high amount of difficulty paying for their college expenses.  

3Areas of skill development featured in the Transferable Skills Topical Module

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