Reports & Data

NSSE Institutional Reporting

NSSE delivers a variety of descriptive, statistical, and interactive reports to participating institutions that compare their results with those from customized comparison groups. On this page are links to the sample reports, information about the selection of comparison groups, technical information, and a sampling of institutional results displayed on selected institution websites.

The Institutional Report contains carefully designed NSSE results, as well as updated reports for FSSE and BCSSE participants. The report also includes an overview of the year's administration and supporting resources. NSSE’s participation agreements preclude us from publicly reporting institution-specific results, but we have created a sample report for review. Your institution’s actual results are available to authorized persons via the password-protected Institution Interface.


Each year the NSSE Administration Overview summarizes the characteristics of participating institutions and students, how representative they are among all institutions and students in the US, and average response rates. It also summarizes Canadian participation in a separate section.


NSSE reports display each institution’s results alongside those of customizable comparison groups for the core survey and all sets of additional questions. Institutions complete a secure form on our website to identify relevant and appropriate peers from the available pool of NSSE participants. For more, visit Customizing NSSE.


NSSE reports are designed so a general audience can read and understand them, but institutional researchers and others may want technical details about the various adjustments and computations made with the data, and about the reliability and validity of the instrument.

Engagement Indicators—Development & Scoring

An Explanation of Weighting in NSSE Reports

Psychometric Portfolio

NSSE's Conceptual Framework

Public Reporting of NSSE Results

NSSE encourages public reporting of engagement results in ways that increase understanding of college quality and that support institutional improvement efforts. NSSE is involved with a voluntary effort to release results as part of the Voluntary System of Accountability. Read NSSE's Public Reporting of Student Engagement Results for a fuller discussion of our position.

Institutional Website Examples

Many colleges and universities have posted NSSE results on their websites these institutional websites go a step further by displaying NSSE results in institutionally modified, accessible formats designed for different audiences.