NSSE Overview

Canadian Respondent Profile

Canadian respondents profiled here include 107,364 students (57% first-year, 43% senior) from 61 institutions in 9 provinces, including 21 institutions in Ontario, 13 in Quebec, 9 in British Columbia, 7 in Alberta, 5 in Nova Scotia, 3 in New Brunswick, and 1 in Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan. Female students and full-time students accounted for about 64% and 86% of Canadian respondents, respectively. The average response rate for Canadian NSSE 2023 institutions was 31%, with the highest response rate being 68%. Thirty-nine institutions achieved a response rate of 25% or higher. About 16% of Canadian respondents were at least 24 years old. A plurality of students providing ethnocultural information identified as Caucasian or White (45%), while 12% were South Asian, 10% multiracial, 10% Chinese, 5% Black, and less than 4% from each of nine other categories.

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