Survey Instruments

NSSE Survey Instruments

The NSSE survey, launched in 2000 and updated in 2013, assesses the extent to which students engage in educational practices associated with high levels of learning and development. The questionnaire collects information across five categories: (1) participation in dozens of educationally purposeful activities, (2) institutional requirements and the challenging nature of coursework, (3) perceptions of the college environment, (4) estimates of educational and personal growth since starting college, and (5) background and demographic information.

The instrument is administered annually in the United States and Canada, as well as a variety of other countries across the globe. Links to the questions in English basic format (Items) and as they appear online to the student (Survey) are below.

United States: Items | Survey

Canada: Items | Survey

Informed Consent Statements

Informed consent statements for the U.S. and Canadian instruments are also available. In addition to the two English versions of the instrument, Spanish and French versions are also available for schools located in Puerto Rico and Canada, respectively. 

Topical Modules

Participating institutions may append up to two Topical Modules—short sets of questions on designated topics such as academic advising, civic engagement, experiences with diversity, technology, and writing to the core NSSE instrument. Modules allow for deeper exploration of important areas based on campus needs.

Licensing Survey Questions

NSSE also licenses its items. Send a message to for more information. Use of the copyrighted NSSE survey without permission is prohibited.

All students who complete NSSE using their smartphone, tablet or desktop computer will experience an optimized survey format, resulting in higher response rates and item completion. 

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