Required Fees

The cost of survey administration includes a nonrefundable $300 Registration Fee and a NSSE Administration Fee, which is based on your institution's total undergraduate enrollment (not the size of only the FY & SR population surveyed).

NSSE invoices are sent in February, after all survey customization is complete. Institutions that wish to use unencumbered funds for the upcoming NSSE administration may request an early invoice by email at Note that pre-payment does not register your institution for NSSE, and institutions that receive early invoices must still submit a registration request to secure participation in NSSE 2023 (registration is open July 1 to October 7).

NSSE 2023 Administration Fee
Undergraduate enrollmentEmail survey sampleAdministration fee
Fewer than 500All first-year & senior students$2,140
500 to 999All first-year & senior students$2,860
1,000 to 3,999All first-year & senior students$3,680
4,000 to 7,999All first-year & senior students$4,900
8,000 to 12,000All first-year & senior students$6,520
More than 12,000All first-year & senior students (up to 25,000 total)$8,160

Note: Institutions with fewer than 500 undergraduates may elect a local administration alternative with abbreviated data and reporting services for a reduced administration fee of $1,520.

To support institutional participation in the suite of engagement surveys, the $300 registration fee for NSSE is waived for institutions that participated in BCSSE the prior summer/fall. Institutions that participate in NSSE and FSSE in the same year will be charged one $300 registration fee that covers both administrations.

Customization Options and Fees

Topical Modules are short sets of additional questions on focused topics. Institutions may append one module to the end of the survey at no charge and may append a second module for $250; this amount reflects an increase that was implemented starting with NSSE 2019. Institutions appending consortium questions may select only one module (at no charge).


Participation in a consortium provides an opportunity to append extra questions to the end of the survey. Costs range from $100-$400 (this amount reflects cost decreases implemented starting with NSSE 2019).

Institutions may add a NSSE-administered email recruitment oversample for $0.50 per student.


Beginning with the 2021 administration the student portal and learning management survey link service is provided for no additional cost.

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