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Thank you for your interest in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE, pronounced "nessie"). Our agreements with schools that participate in NSSE prevents us from reporting the results for individual colleges and universities. However, individual schools may provide their NSSE results if asked. In fact, many institutions have posted key findings from their students' responses to the survey on their institution websites. To learn more about a specific institution's NSSE results, we encourage you to visit their website or to directly contact the school’s admissions office. In the meantime, please explore our website further for valuable information on the college student experience.

“I have given the Pocket Guide to my 10th and 11th grade students for years. I keep copies in the office as well. I know from experience that the questions included are really useful.”
—Karen Miller, Director of College Counseling, The Park School of Buffalo, NY

“No other ranking or guidebook offers the depth of analysis for prospective students and their families found in NSSE.
—Stephanie Fabritius, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Centre College

Who can benefit from NSSE information?

  1. Students currently enrolled at colleges and universities who have been invited to complete the survey
  2. Parents, students, high school counselors, and college admissions staff involved in the college search and decision-making process
  3. Professional education and career counselors

About NSSE

What does NSSE do? Who is surveyed? How are the results used? Find answers to questions about the ways NSSE helps colleges and universities understand how their undergraduates spend their time and what they gain from attending college.

FAQs for Parents and Students Exploring Colleges

More detailed information in question-and-answer format targeted to parents and students on how NSSE survey results can be used in the college search process.

FAQs for Students Invited to Participate in NSSE

College and universities participate in NSSE because they want to learn more about what their students think and how they can improve the undergraduate experience at their institution. Find out what students need to know when they receive an email invitation to participate in the survey.

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