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Recent NSSE Enhancements

As always, our suite of 10 Topical Modules is available, including four new and updated modules in 2021, HIP Quality (new in 2022), and Mental Health and Well-Being (new in 2023).

All Topical Modules

Beginning in 2021, the survey includes four new items related to effective teaching practices.

Institutions may now append their own end-of-survey open-ended comment prompt as an alternative to NSSE’s four standard options

Survey Customization Options

Three items examining students' sense of belonging were added to NSSE in the 2020 administration.

The option to post individualized NSSE survey links in institutional portals and learning management systems is now available for no extra fee.

Using Portal/LMS for NSSE Recruitment

Companion Surveys: FSSE & BCSSE

The Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE) complements NSSE by documenting instructional staff perceptions of student engagement and use of effective educational practices. Together, FSSE and NSSE results stimulate productive campus discussions about teaching, learning, and the quality of undergraduate education. 

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The Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE) complements NSSE by providing an in-depth understanding of entering students’ prior academic and co-curricular experiences, as well as their expectations for participating in educationally purposeful activities during the upcoming college year. 

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