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southern IllinoisThe National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) is thrilled to be entering our 3rd decade as a trusted and widely used instrument for assessing the quality of undergraduate education—providing institutions diagnostic, actionable information that fosters and catalyzes evidence-based improvement efforts. 

The 2020–21 academic year will be unlike any other. In response, NSSE and FSSE 2021 offerings are changing:

  • Timely Topical Modules: New optional Topical Modules to assess quality in online education and the pandemic's impact on students' well-being, and students' preparation for work and careers
  • New Items on Effective Teaching and Course Modality: Four new items related to effective teaching practices more deeply explore student experiences, and NSSE now asks about the mix of course modalities over the school year
  • Customizable End-of-Survey Prompt: Append your own end-of-survey open-ended comment prompt as an alternative to NSSE’s four standard options
  • Responsive Administration Schedule: Compressed survey preparation and administration schedules to reflect changed academic calendars
  • Free Portal/LMS Recruitment: Individualized NSSE survey links to embed in institutional portals and learning management systems (previously a fee-based service) to enhance survey promotion
  • $400 NSSE Credit: In recognition of institutions' fiscal challenges, a $400 credit toward surveys or services to all institutions registered for NSSE 2021
  • New FSSE Content: Items asking faculty how they have been able to support students, how they navigate their roles as educators, and about the support they have received during the pandemic

NSSE and FSSE both continue to offer a Topical Module on Inclusiveness and Engagement with Cultural Diversity that may be especially valuable as colleges and universities seek to address imperatives related to equity and inclusion.

NSSE 2021 registration closes on Friday, October 23, 2020.

Watch the recent webinar: "Highlighting NSSE 2021: New Offerings in a Year Like No Other" for more information about what's new!

The Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE) complements NSSE by measuring faculty and instructor expectations for undergraduate student engagement. Learn more about FSSE>>

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