Sample Report

Sample Institutional Report

The NSSE Institutional Report includes several standard reports (view sample images below), an overview of the data from that year's administration, and many supporting resources for participating colleges and universities. With extensive use of color and graphics, the reports are designed to be shared widely.

The report is delivered in August of the administration year, and is available electronically via the secure Institution Interface and in the Online Institutional Report (demo version). The Major Field Report and the Report Builder are available in the fall.

sample page of NSSE snapshot

Snapshot Report

Four-page summary of your institution’s key findings for Engagement Indicators, High-Impact Practices, academic challenge, high/low performers, perceived gains and satisfaction.

NSSE Snapshot
sample page of NSSE Engagement Indicators

Engagement Indicators Report

Results on NSSE's 10 Engagement Indicators including statistical comparisons with three comparison groups and item-level results.

NSSE Engagement Indicators
sample page of NSSE High-Impact Practices

High-Impact Practices Report

Results on student participation in six High-Impact Practices, so-called because of their positive associations with student learning and retention.

NSSE High-Impact Practices
sample page of NSSE Frequencies and Statistical Comparisons

Frequencies and Statistical Comparisons Report

Respondent counts, percentages, and mean comparisons for all survey items (except demographics) for your students and comparison groups.

NSSE Freq. & Stat. Comparisons
sample page of NSSE Multi-Year Report

Multi-Year Report

For institutions that participated in NSSE at least twice since 2013, this report displays your Engagement Indicators, High-Impact Practices, and key individual items across years.

NSSE Multi-Year Report
sample page of NSSE Respondent Profile

Respondent Profile

Respondent counts and percentages for all demographic questions for your institution and three core survey comparison groups.

NSSE Respondent Profile
sample page of Topical Module/Consortium report Sample of Experiences with Writing Module

Topical Module and Consortium Reports

View a sample of the Academic Advising Module. Module and consortium reports are in a similar format.

NSSE Topical Module/Consortium Report
sample page of NSSE Administration Summary

Administration Summary Report

Overview of your NSSE administration, including response rates and customization choices.

NSSE Administration Summary
sample page of NSSE Selected Comparison Groups

Selected Comparison Groups Report

Details of how your institution’s three core survey comparison groups were selected, and the list of institutions in each group.

NSSE Selected Comparison Groups
sample page of NSSE Pocket Guide Report: NSSE 2019 Answers from Students

Pocket Guide Report

A Pocket Guide to Choosing a College: NSSE Answers from Students reports your institution’s results paired with questions from the Pocket Guide.

NSSE Pocket Guide Report
sample page of NSSE Student Comments Report

Student Comments Report

Unedited open-text responses to one of four prompts or a customized prompt (new in 2021). Includes comments to open-ended items in some modules.

NSSE Student Comments Report
sample page of major field report page 3

Major Field Report

The Major Field Report delivers your results in up to ten categories of related majors and presents them alongside comparison groups in the same categories. Customization of major categories happens in the summer and reports are delivered in the fall.

NSSE Major Field Report

Data Files and Codebooks

NSSE returns the raw data with student identifiers to institutions for additional analysis and merging with other school records. Data are delivered in SPSS format, or other formats upon request. The codebooks detail all variables in the data.

Sample Data Files (SPSS format):  US, Canadian

Data Codebooks

Survey Instruments

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