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  • How engaged are seniors majoring in engineering?
  • Do foreign students interact with faculty less than their U.S. peers?
  • Are colleges and universities located in a large city supportive of part-time students?
Assessment professionals have specific questions about the normative patterns of engagement. For this reason, we created the NSSE Report Builder – an interactive tool that instantly generates results of your choosing. We have both a secure institution version (for participating institutions to run customized reports using their own data) and a public version (accessible to anyone). The Report Builder draws from a database of NSSE respondents, and can be queried using a combination of student and institution characteristics. Variable options include the Engagement Indicators and individual items. Give it a try!

Two Versions of the NSSE Report Builder

Institution Version

The Institution Version of the NSSE Report Builder is accessed via the secure Institution Interface. Go to the Data & Reports page and select the link in the NSSE Report Builder section. You can also create a guest login for others to access it. Try the demonstration version.

Public Version

The Public Version of the NSSE Report Builder is for media, institutions, researchers etc. (Opens in a new browser window or tab).

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