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  • How engaged are your seniors majoring in engineering?
  • Do international students interact with faculty less than their U.S. peers?
  • How engaged are your first-generation students compared to those at other colleges and universities?

Assessment professionals, institutional researchers, and campus leaders have specific questions about the normative patterns of engagement. For this reason, we created the NSSE Report Builder – an interactive tool that instantly generates results of your choosing. With secure access to your institution's data as well as de-identified data from other participating schools, the Report Builder can be queried using a combination of student and institution characteristics. Variable options include the Engagement Indicators and individual items. A demo version is available at the link below. Give it a try!

Try a Demo Version of the Report Builder

The demo version includes most of the functionality of the actual Report Builder using mock data from the fictitious "NSSEville State University."

Try the Demo Version

Institutions access their actual Report Builder via the secure Institution Interface. Go to the Data & Reports page and select the link in the NSSE Report Builder section. You can also create a guest login for others to access it.

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