Major Field Report

Major Field Report: Examining Internal Variation in NSSE Results

The Major Field Report delivers your results for Engagement Indicators, High-Impact Practices, and individual items in up to ten categories of related majors, and presents them alongside comparison groups in the same categories. Institutions are encouraged to customize major groupings so to examine patterns of similarity and difference by discipline both among their own students and against their comparison groups. 

Major categories are customized in the summer, and reports are delivered in the fall.

This report comes in two parts, within-institution and between-institution, as shown in the samples below.

Sample Major Field Report

Part I: Within-Institution Comparisons

A "within-institution" report that lays out results by related-major categories for your first-year and senior students.

See Sample within-institution report

Part II: Comparisons to Other Institutions

A "between-institution" report that compares respondents with those of your comparison groups in each related-major category.

See Sample between-institution report

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