Equity-Centered Methodologies

Critical Methodologies Create Space for Discussions About Social Inequities

Critical methodologies center around issues that perpetuate inequities and marginalization (Kivunja & Kuyini, 2017), situating them within the socio-historical context. In critical methodologies, the theories and frameworks emphasize a social justice lens to interrogate systemic inequities, such as Critical Race Theory, Queer Theory, and feminist theories/methodologies. Although frequently associated with qualitative research, critical methodologies are gaining traction in quantitative studies to provide researchers with more resources for how to be more intentional when analyzing minoritized groups’ experiences.

Researchers often group students of color together to have a sufficient sample to compare to White student experiences. However, that approach reinforces the White student experience while demonstrating how students of color deviate from that normalized experience.

Evidence-Based Improvement in Higher Education

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