Using NSSE in DEI Assessment

Figure 1. Selected Student Characteristics for Six NSSE 2021 InstitutionsGo to an accessible version of this figure.

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A screenshot of two charts on the Tableau dashboard for the NSSE Inclusiveness and Engagement with Cultural Diversity module.

Take Action with the ICD Topical Module Dashboard

Interactive dashboards are a useful strategy for examining how institutions address diversity, equity, and inclusion. Try using NSSE’s Tableau dashboard that draws on 2021 data for the Inclusiveness and Engagement with Cultural Diversity (ICD) module. Secure institution-level dashboards for 2021 participants are coming soon!

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Webinar: Using NSSE Data in DEI Assessment Practices

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 at 3:00 pm (Eastern)

NSSE staff will discuss methods to examine data to better understand minoritized students’ experiences. Expanding on methods covered in this Annual Results story, this webinar will provide options for intentionally examining data through a DEI lens. The approaches are applicable to NSSE, FSSE, and BCSSE data. You may submit questions or topics when registering.

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