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Creating New Possibilities for Students Through Data-Informed Advising Practices: Lessons from the NSSE Advising Topical Modu

Date: Wednesday April 26

Presenters: Jim Cole, BCCSE Project Manager; Jillian Kinzie, NSSE Interim Co-Director;  Kriti Gopal, NSSE Institute Project Associate; and Bridgette Holmes, NSSE Institute Project Associate

Good academic advising is central to student success. Yet, students’ advising experiences can be uneven and advising tends to be one of the more under-supported campus services. This may be why only about half of students responding to NSSE describe the quality of the advising they receive as very good or excellent. This webinar offers an opportunity to consider the most recent results about first-year students’ academic advising experience from NSSE 2022 and the Academic Advising Topical Module. We will highlight salient results across three institutional types – doctoral, masters and liberal arts – and discuss the dimensions of advising practice that deserve attention as institutions across the country invest in improving academic advising to provide holistic support.  

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Learn More about BCSSE 2023

Date: March 23, 2023

Presenter: Jim Cole

Want to learn more about how BCSSE can help your campus:

• identify new students who are struggling with the college transition?
• enhance academic advising?
• provide an in-depth understanding of entering students across the institution and by academic unit?
• utilize a BCSSE-NSSE paired administration for a more in-depth analysis of students’ first-year experience?

These and many other questions discussed in this webinar. We introduce new dashboard features and survey updates, as well as review the basics of survey administration, effective survey distribution strategies, monitoring responses, how to access and share online reports, and downloading data.

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