It's Midsemester. Time to check in on students' mental health and wellness.

As the country emerges from the COVID pandemic, it has become increasingly clear that another “pandemic” has arisen. Though college students' mental health and wellness has been a concern for many years, it has recently emerged as a widespread problem that can seriously impact academic success. The results below provide timely insight into the mental health and wellness concerns of entering first-year students.


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I love the dashboards. These have been the most useful in-the-moment visualizations I have ever seen from a survey provider. So THANK YOU for that. You have saved me so much time and allowed me to share results quickly with my campus with very little work required.

Laura Monje-Paulson, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Sonoma State University

BCSSE in Action

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Optimism and Weariness

Students Entering College in Fall 2021 are Mentally Exhausted, but Eager for a Campus Experience.

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