LRC and Diverse Students

While differences in the overall LRC score are generally small across a diverse student body, often there is more to the story. Institutions may want to look closely at the experiences of students by the items that comprise the LRC scale. For example, a breakdown of the item “Respected your identity and culture” in Figure 2 reveals that students experiencing “very little” or “some” respect ranged from a high of 30% (American Indian or Alaska Native) to a low of 16% (White).

This may be evidence that substantial numbers of students do not feel their culture and identity are respected. Further investigation of the degree to which students believe their identities and cultures are respected can be productive for institutions looking to meet the needs of a diverse student body.

Figure 2. First-Year Student Perceptions of the Extent to Which Advising Interactions “Respected Your Identity and Culture” by Racial/Ethnic IdentityGo to an accessible table for this figure